• 1

    the ISSUES

    Choose a current event to learn the ways it impacts your life and its ties to past history. Learn about the policy currently in place before suggesting your own idea for a change.
  • 2

    SHARE your

    Once you've read about the issue, work with your classmates to form a well-supported policy solution. Does your policy stand up to the scrutiny of your peers? Which ideas do you and your classmates support?
  • 3

    the WORLD

    You've created a solution, now act on it! Find resources and organizations to help you further your cause and create the country you'd like to live in.

Issues in the News

  • Recent events such as the scandal surrounding falsification of records as Veterans Administration Hospitals and initiatives focused on ending veteran homelessness and providing mental health care for veterans stand in stark contrast to the pomp and ceremony espoused by politicians on Veterans Day.
  • The most recent election saw the lowest voter turnout in over seventy years, but is that really a problem for our democratic republic?
  • Fracking has caused an energy boom in the United States. In 2000 only about 1 percent of the natural gas in America came from fracking; today it accounts for nearly 25 percent. But do the perceived dangers associated with this drilling practice outweigh the possible risks to our health and safety?
  • Many countries, including the United States, have laws that protect child laborers and regulate working conditions; but in many other nations children are forced to work in dangerous and even life threatening conditions. Can Americans force other nations to adopt laws that create safer working conditions for children in other countries? Should we?